Monday, 7 December 2009

Frameless Glass Curtains blog

Posts from January 2010 can be found on SunSeekerDoors blog. There is also a specific blog for Frameless Glass Doors, including Glass Curtains.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Frameless Glass Curtains ... explained

It's been an uphill struggle to explain exactly what Glass Curtains are - there is some confusion with sheer sheet hanging curtain panels, fibreglass curtains and shower screens.

To avoid further confusion, SunSeeker Glass Curtains are being re-launched as Frameless Glass Doors - a name that describes the product more accurately.

SunSeeker Frameless Glass Doors are frameless glass panels that interlock to form a wall of glass such as a room divider, with a 'master' frameless glass door that you can use as you would use any other door in the house, when all the frameless glass doors are closed.

To open the frameless glass doors for a wider aperture or to remove the whole expanse, the master door is opened, followed by as many of the frameless glass panels as required. Each of the frameless glass doors will slide open along the top and bottom runners to be positioned or, when they reach the end of the track, each frameless glass door can be opened at right-angles, just like the master door, to stack neatly against the side wall, leaving virtually the whole aperture available for access.

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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Glass Curtains are the perfect Room Dividers

Glass Curtains are the perfect room dividers for a through lounge in a terraced cottage that needs to maximise light flow and are ideal for large modern homes with a contemporary interior.

  • Virtually no maximum width limit
  • Strong, virtually unbreakable glass 
  • Door panels that slide and turn
  • Tinted glass option

When closed, Glass Curtains form a complete glass wall with no frames to interrupt the view. When fully open, Glass Curtains stack against the wall at the side of the opening for maximum accessibility between areas.

  • Maximum access when open
  • No interruption of light flow or view when closed
  • Noise reduction between areas when closed
  • Temperatures maintained separately each side of the divide

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